Best Laser Pico Projector 2022

It’s light and little designed to display vast visuals vividly. Do you know what that is? It’s the Pico projector. 

Not only you would find it portable but very easy to use too. You just have to connect it to other devices such as smartphone, camera or computer and let it project on a flat surface like a screen or wall.

But getting the best laser Pico projector is tricky. Lots of manufacturers would brag about their creations but fail to provide any.

So to help you get one, I’ve thought to reveal top 5 picks. These have almost all the functions to be superior.

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Laser Pico Projectors

IMAGE PRODUCT Screen Size (inches) Brightness Weight (lbs.) price
MOOKA RD-283 200 7500 3.6
GooDee YG200 60 3200 0.6
ELEPHAS RD860 70 1000 1
KODAK RODPJS75 100 60 ANSI 0.33

Best Laser Pico Projectors Reviews

1. MOOKA RD-283

Bright, crisp, and clear. This is what you’d say about this incredible laser Pico projector hd. It would project your 1080p videos as big as 200 inches which is enough for a big family.

The projector comes with a high brightness rating of 7500 lumens. It would show white contents 5000 times brighter than the black ones. Since the contrast ratio and brightness level is high, you would see more detail on the projected videos.

One of the greatest functions is that it works to protect your eyes efficiently by delivering soft image protection. The projector uses a diffuse reflection technology that provides you with such advantage.

Its integrated Hi-Fi dual stereo speakers equipped with SRS sound system are pretty decent. With this dedicated sound system, you’d get a good bass and treble. However, the volume of the speaker may not be up to the mark. You may get an additional speaker for a clear sound.

The projector has been designed with 2 fans. They function independently to regulate and control surface temperature of your projector. Not only they help reduce power consumption but also extend the lifespan of the lamp up to 50,000 hours.

With Wi-Fi and USB connection, RD-283 lets you enjoy watching movies wirelessly or via any smartphone connection. You can even connect to any TV through HDMI ports.

What Makes The Product Special?

It’s a projector that can cast big image up to 200 inches with ultra-brightness level and higher contrast even in room with ambient light. Not only the visuals would be vibrant and crisp but smooth too to protect your eyes from harm.


  • Soft visuals keep your eyes protected.
  • Casts huge image up to 200 inches.
  • The visuals are detailed and vibrant.
  • Cooling system helps extend lamp lifespan.


  • Sound may not be very loud and clear.


Enjoy multiple methods for viewing with this excellent laser pico projector by KODAK. With HDMI and Micro USD cables, you can connect the device easily to other devices and have fun watching the videos.

The projector supports 16:9 screen format so you can see any high-definition movie. It would project video up to 150 inches which is pretty big to make your home a theater.

Its LED lamp boasts brightness rating of 60 ANSI lumens that converts to 1000 light source lumens. I’d say it’s great for a 100-percent light controlled room. It has a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 that helps project images more vividly especially in darkroom.

The projector is a battery operated device. Albeit it stays charged for 2.5 hours, the big plus is that you can use it more than that if you plug it in.

There’s integrated sound system that is pretty better than majority of the other rivals. If you still find it low, you have option to use additional speaker.

My favorite would be the focus wheel. It’s smooth yet firm to make sure the focus stays wherever you want it to. You can even adjust it in fine increments.

The fan sound may disturb you. However, make sure to clean your projector occasionally to reduce it.

What Makes The Product Special?

Projects a very detailed image if you keep it in a 100-percent light controlled room. The image would be vibrant and sharp even in 150-inch screen size.


  • Focus wheel helps with focus adjustment.
  • Produces sharp image in 150-inch size.
  • Great for dark room.
  • You can use it for longer hours while plugged in.


  • Fan sound might be disturbing.

3. GooDee YG200

It is just so Goodie! With 60-inch screen size, the projector would fill the wall of your small dorm with vivid videos. You’d just have to keep it .8 to 2m away from the screen to allow for a clear frame.

The laser Pico projector has a variety of ports for USB, HDMI, Micro SD card to connect it to other devices. Not just that, you can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi that makes it more convenient.

It comes with lamp life up to 30,000 hours so you enjoy using the pico projector without any disturbance. The big plus here is that it works with the cord or battery. If the battery dies in 2 hours, you can use it for longer time while plugging it in. Albeit you may find the cord slightly short, you can use an extension cord for your comfort.

The projector support 1080p resolutions. So, you’d enjoy watching movies in high definition.

Just like the previous two, it features a built-in speaker too. The speaker delivers a fairly clear sound if you play it in a completely silent room.

What Makes The Product Special?

60-inch projector size has been designed for those students who want to turn their small dorm into home theater. It projects vivid videos while emitting decent sound that makes it a great pick.


  • Great for small sized room.
  • Bright and vivid display in 1080p resolutions.
  • Built-in sound system gives a fairly clear sound.
  • Comes with lamp life up to 30,000 hours.


  • Cord is a bit short.


Want something useful but fun for your kids? Then ELEPHAS RD860 is a must have for them. It supports 1080p resolutions and would project their favorite cartoons clearly and vibrantly.

ELEPHAS RD860 features high contrast ratio of 1000:1. With this ratio, you’d get the images more detailed.

Albeit the size can go high up to 100 inches, it would make the videos blurrier. So, I’d rather suggest you keep the size 70 inches at max to get premium viewing experience.

The projector comes with more upgraded and better noise reduction technology. It works to dissipate heat quicker so that it rather gets warm and not hot while your kids enjoy watching their cartoon for longer period.

Surprisingly its integrated speaker delivers a much clear sound. Not only it enables the kids to play cartoons or games but helps with education purpose too.

Moreover, it comes with multiple ports and cables so you can make a variety of connection with other devices.

The only issue with this laser Pico projector is its fan sound. It’s a bit loud that may bother you. But don’t forget to keep the projector clean to make it free of that annoying sound.

What Makes The Product Special?

ELEPHAS RD860 is an ideal gift simply for the kids. With its ease of use, fairly big screen size, and vibrant videos, it would make any kid happy.


  • Projects clear and crisp videos at 70-inch size.
  • Integrated sound is impressively clear.
  • Dissipates heat quick to prevent the projector from getting hot.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Fan may make loud sound.


Another excellent laser Pico projector 1080p from KODAK is the RODPJS75. it casts visuals up to 100 inches. If you think you have some space restrictions, this would be perfect. With this, you would get all the clarity and richness in a small sized room.

Another great feature is its ease of use. It doesn’t have any complicated button. Just connect it to any smart device and play. There is a focus wheel that lets you adjust the focus to give you better view.

The integrated speaker is quite amazing. It gives you a clear sound that simply increases the level of your fun time.

Coming in just 0.33 pounds, you’d love its lightness and compact design. You won’t feel a thing while carrying it to any spot.

The 60 ANSI lumens, which also equals to 1000 light source lumens, is great for projection in a light controlled room.

Just like its sibling RODPJS150, you can play it with or without the battery. Although you may not like the fact that the battery dies pretty quick, it has a cord so you can play it plugged in.

What Makes The Product Special?

A very light and compact projector that has everything to be an ideal device. Starting from projecting crisp images to ease of use and portability.


  • Very easy to carry.
  • Focus wheel helps with focus adjustment.
  • Produces crisp image in 100-inch size.
  • Great for dark room.


  • Battery dies quick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Is The Best Laser Pico Projector?

In my opinion, MOOKA RD-283 would be a great laser Pico projector. It projects 1080p video up to 200 inches which is big enough for a standard sized room.

With 7500 lumens, you’d love to watch your videos in both light or dark room since it shows clear projection under both the conditions. Not just that, the projection would be soft enough to keep your eyes protected.

There would be 2 fans that work to control the temperature and extend the lamp life. With this, you can enjoy watching moves wired or wirelessly for longer period.

2. What’s Biggest Projection Size Can I Have With A Pico Projector?

The biggest display size you can get with such device is measured as the maximum screen size. Albeit it varies in models, you’d find it ranging from 60 to 200 inches diagonally at max.

3. How Can I Set Up A Laser Pico Projector?

It’s easy. Just place it a few feet away from the screen or wall. Check the maximum or minimum throw distance for the projector. Then turn it on. The device should automatically focus. To perfect the tilt of the projection against the wall, use the integrated dial.

In case the projection has leveling issues, get creative to level the device. You can use tripod for the job.

After it’s ready, plug in your computer or smartphone with an HDMI cable or other if the device allows and start the projection.

Final Words

Pico projector is certainly a fun device to have. It enables you to share photos conveniently or lets you watch your favorite move on a bigger screen. Because of its easy portability, you can stuff it in any bag and carry it for any purpose.

As I have already mentioned, MOOKA RD-283 would be my favorite because of the advantages it provides. That said, the other 4 have different qualities that make them outstanding.

Thus, I hope you find the best laser Pico projector from here and make the most of the device.

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