Best Floor Rising Projector Screen 2022

Do you know who’s the best friend of a projector? It’s the projector screen.

Doesn’t matter how hard you try, you won’t get the fine result out of any surface that a screen offers.

Its smooth design works to show you visuals sharper and more vivid than what your projector tries to display. That’s not the end!

You’d get more convenience, starting from lightness and easy setup to carrying bag and lots of included accessories, only if you pick the best floor rising projector screen.

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Floor Rising Projector Screens

IMAGE PRODUCT Viewing Diagonal (inch) Viewing Angle (degree) Weight (pound) price
SKERELL SKLI-100 100 160 6
JWSIT 155 120 160 24.4
Elite Screens Yard Master 2 OMS120H2 120 180 22.5
Vamvo M2120 120 160 6.95
VMI Portable Projector Screen 100 160 6.64

Best Floor Rising Projector Screen Reviews


SKERELL SKLI-100 is a 100-inch projector screen that would fit any small bedroom of about 21 to 32 sq. ft if you use it indoor. It has a 160-degree viewing angle that makes the screen visible from almost anywhere.

The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 which means this would display 1080p resolution. You’d love to watch any movies or series as it gives super-sharp visuals.

It has been made of spandex and polyester material. The combination makes the screen thick soft and wrinkle-free so you don’t have any issues during Netflix and Chill.

As for the stand, the poles are made of aluminum that feels durable. They promise to remain stable while the screen shows your favorite contents. Even if you find them loose, you can easily insert deeper plastic joints into the poles and make them fit tight.

With the screen and poles, you get 4 stainless-steel stakes that help enhance stability of the stand. These are great accessories if you plan to use the screen outdoor. You just have to insert them in the holes of the base.

The big plus of the product is that it’s super light coming in just 6 pounds. You’d get a carrying bag with the product so you can move easily from one spot to another.

What Makes The Product Special?

This is a very lightweight floor rising projector screen that comes in just 6 pounds. Since it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use, you can move to and fro with it.


  • Very lightweight to carry.
  • Helps display sharp visuals.
  • Screen is made of durable materials.
  • Comes with 4 stainless steel stakes for enhancing stability.


  • Stand can be flimsy without joints.

2. JWSIT 155

If you have a slightly bigger space, then make it an interesting home theatre with this 120-inch projector screen. Just like most models, it has an aspect ratio 16:9 to help you get Full-HD or 4k resolution. The 160-degree viewing angle gives you a fantastic display, no matter where you are sitting.

The great part is that it’s very easy to set up. It would take 8 to 10 minutes if you do it alone.

It has been designed with high-quality white PVC film and polyester material that make it free of wrinkle. With this, you get to enjoy sharp and clear contents. Not just that, it has black backing that removes light penetration so you get enhanced visual quality.

The aluminum stand feels sturdy and promises to be stable throughout the projection. You don’t even have to worry about the legs getting bent or broken outside since you will get 4 stakes for adding stability.

Coming in 24.4 pounds, you may find it slightly heavier than others. But hey! it’d be just like carrying a 2-year-old toddler, so you won’t struggle to move with it. On top of that, you’d get a solid carrying bag to stuff it with the screen folded and legs detached. This makes the whole conveyance thing easier.

What Makes The Product Special?

A very easy to assemble projector screen without the need for any tools. You’d just have press metal snaps on the frame and fix the screen to the it.


  • Very easy to assemble or disassemble.
  • Both the screen and stand are made of durable materials.
  • Helps display sharp visuals.
  • Comes with 4 stainless steel stakes for enhancing stability.


  • Slightly heavy.

3. Elite Screens Yard Master 2 OMS120H2

Another 120-inch projector screen that would give you picture-perfect visuals by transmitting 4K or 8K Ultra HD. One of the finest features of this product is its 180-degree viewing angle that ensures wide diffusion uniformity. It can show your favorite visuals exactly from the side.

The screen has used CineWhite UHD-B, a tensioned matte white material that helps it view vibrant and sharp contents. There’s a black backing too to maximize contrast so that you have fun watching darker videos.

However, the screen isn’t very weather resistant. So, I’d suggest you don’t leave it exposed to elements for longer period.

The frame has been made of aluminum square tubing. Its easy snap button function helps flatten the screen to give you better viewing. Although you may not find the frame rust-resistant, you can use coatings to prevent it.

Assembling the projector screen is easy so is disassembling. After you’re done using it, you can simply roll it up, fold the frame and fit both inside the carrying bag. If you want, you can even wash the surface with soap and water to keep it clean.

What Makes The Product Special?

With 180-degree viewing angle, the floor rising projector screen ensures wide diffusion uniformity so you can watch any video from the side.


  • Allows you to watch visuals from anywhere.
  • Roll-up screen and foldable frame make it easy to carry.
  • Helps display sharp visuals.
  • Super easy to clean.


  • Screen isn’t very weather-resistant; frame isn’t rust-resistant.

4. Vamvo M2120

A very convenient floor rising projector screen. You can assemble or disassemble the screen without any tools. It would take just 5 minutes to do the job, even if you’re setting it up alone.

The stand is foldable and adjustable which is the highlight of the screen. You can easily fold it and make it compact or adjust the height for your convenience.

It weighs only 6.9 pounds making it very light to carry. You’d get a carry bag that makes the transportable easier.

As for the material, the screen is made of polyester. Not only you will find it durable but capable enough to show popping colors through projection. It doesn’t even need black backing to make the images vivid.

You may notice some folding marks. However, you can get rid of that by simply ironing the screen. Make sure the warm level is low.

The frame is of high-quality aluminum. You’d love how stable it stands after you complete the whole setup.

Just like the first two, it too comes with 160-degree viewing angle and 16:9 aspect ratio. The screen has the potential to be viewed from almost anywhere while it shows high-resolution images.

If you think that the screen is catching dirt soon, then you can clean it up easily with a damp cloth.

What Makes The Product Special?

You can adjust the height of the screen for your convenience to have the best viewing experience.


  • Adjustable and foldable legs.
  • Easy to set up and disassemble.
  • Helps display sharp visuals.
  • Durable materials.


  • May have folding marks.

5. VMI Portable Projector Screen

Even though this is a 100-inch screen, it’s huge enough for a big audience. The projector screen can show high-resolution visuals with its 16:9 screen format at 160-degree viewing angle.

Having been made of polyester and spandex fabric, the material promises to show color popping contents while ensuring durability.

The frame comes in aluminum that feels solid but may not remain stable if used outside. If you think the legs are getting bent, then you can add extra blocks to the base for enhancing stability.

Setting up the projector screen is quite easy. It would take 6-7 minutes for you to assemble the entire product. It doesn’t require any tool for the job.

The screen comes in just 6.6 pounds that is the second most lightweight option you can have from the list. It’s very light to carry particularly when you stuff it inside the bag.

What Makes The Product Special?

A very light projector screen that you can carry and use anywhere be it indoor or outdoor.


  • Very lightweight to carry it with ease.
  • Shows very sharp images without producing noise.
  • Easy to set up and disassemble.
  • Screen material is very durable.


  • Base can be slightly flimsy if used outside, requires extra blocks.

Floor Rising Projector Screen Buying Guide

Types of Floor Rising Projector Screens

1. Manual

Usually the commonest type of floor rising projector screen. It has a base or legs that hold the screen. You just have to twist these legs around to make them run perpendicular to the screen. After setting up the legs, place your screen on the floor and pull it up. It should have a spring roller in place on its back that rises with the screen so that the setup stays stable at its maximum height.

2. Electric

Electric floor rising projector screen come with an electric motor that help raise or lower the projector screen. You can use a panel or remote control to do the job. The motorized function makes it easy to handle the weight, ascending and descending of the screen.

Screen Size

Select the screen size that will suit your space. You don’t want the screen that will overwhelm your room but you also want the size to be big enough to give you a theatre experience.

In general, the screen size is measured diagonally and comes in 100 to 120 inches.

If you get yourself a 100-inch model, you would have to sit 119 inches away from the screen to get a premium level viewing. For the 120-inch model, the distance between your sitting spot and the screen should be 100.8 inches.

However, larger screen size doesn’t always mean it would be better. It’s because there are some projectors that may not display clear visuals if enlarged. So, pick the one that is compatible with the aspect ratio of your projector.


Projector screens are made of several materials. Different materials make the screen more or less suitable for Ultra HD visuals than the others. Just make sure the screen is made of wrinkle-free material.

1. Viewing Surface

  • Vinyl And Spandex

This would be the finest option. The combination of vinyl and spandex doesn’t require tension to flatten the screen. Plus, you would find them naturally resistant to wrinkle and water making them more durable.

  • Polyester

The polyester fabric makes the screen reflect and bounce the light. Because of the high-reflection function, you get the most out of the material in dark room. Not just that, polyester screen helps show sharper contents than other materials.

2. Backing

  • Fiberglass

Many screens come with a stiff black backing that is mostly made of fiberglass material. It helps produce the most tension so you get the flatted viewing surface. Plus, the black backing prevents projection light penetration while reproducing darker portions of the visuals.

3. Frame And Stand

  • Aluminum

Aluminum frame and stand would be the ideal choice for you. Not only it’s light but solid and highly resistant to weather too. So, you’ll have no issues carrying the screen and using it outside. Also make sure the aluminum is rust resistant so it offers long-lasting performance.

Screen Color

1. White

If you want the screen to display more vibrant colors, then white floor rising projector screen would be ideal. However, it can be slightly challenging to view the visuals if a room has ambient light or isn’t fully dark.

Get such screen if you want to use it in an office environment for presentation especially.

2. Gray

Perfect for rooms with ambient light. Gray screens can reject ambient light making it easy to view visuals in not very dark rooms. Usually, the viewing cone of gray screen comes narrower than the white.

If you want to use the screen outside, then gray screen would be great as it absorbs more light and allows colors to be projected properly.

3. Black

Similar to gray screens, black ones can reject ambient light. Watching videos having darker colors would be fun with black screen since the colors appear deeper there.

However, you may not like the lighter colors on a black screen. They would appear inaccurate and unclear.

Screen Resolution

If you have a 4k or higher resolution projector, then get yourself a screen that has ultra-smooth surface. Without the smoothness of 4k screen, the projection from the projector will not reach its full potential.

In such case, take aspect ratio of the screen into consideration. Pick a screen that would be compatible with the screen format of your projector.

  • Majority of the projector screen shows you visuals of 16:9 aspect ratio, which refers to HDTV format. It’s great for streaming videos or watching TV.
  • A 16:10 format would be perfect for displaying information from a computer for conference rooms, trade shows or office applications.
  • A 2.34:1 format would be great for watching a vintage movie and a 2.40:1 would let you enjoy a more contemporary movie.

Screen Gain And Viewing Angle

Screen gain is a unit measuring the brightness level of visuals reflected from the screen. It’s the ratio of the light that is reflected back from the projector which is the actual source of light.

Screen that has gain measurement of more than 1.0 produces brighter visuals than what’s being displayed.

Let’s say, a projector screen with 2.0 gain would produce a visual with 2,000 lumens from a 1,000-lumen projector.

Although screen with a high gain offers bright projection, you may not find it ideal for places where you would need wider viewing angle.

The rule of thumb here is, the higher the screen gain, the narrower the screen viewing angle. So, if you have bigger gatherings with wide row of seats, you would need low gain screen.


Make sure your projector screen comes with as many accessories as it can for your convenience. Some of them include ground stainless steel stakes for outdoor use, carrying bag for easy portability, support rings, rigging cord for convenient setup and extra joints to help tighten the legs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are The Benefits Of Projector Screen?

a. Higher Resolution

A screen is typically designed to reveal the full capability of your high-resolution projector. You can notice the actual resolution of your projector when it gets to a surface that doesn’t hinder the integrity of pixels.

If you project the visuals on any surface that doesn’t have absolute flatness or it has textures with gradient bigger than the individual dimensions of the pixels, then chances are high that the pixel’s geometry will be disrupted and distorted.

With the projector screen, you’d rather enjoy the sharpness, clarity and dynamics of the visuals.

b. Color Accuracy

A high-quality projector screen would come perfectly calibrated. It wouldn’t influence the color balance of the visuals projected from the device.

It may seem that white would project white and gray would project gray, but that’s not always the case. There would be instances of tilting within the spectrum of white and gray where the white balance can tilt a little to the blue or yellow spectrum.

When it comes to a decent screen, you won’t face such issues since its surface comes properly calibrated. So, there won’t be any color-shifting influence.

c. Increase Or Decrease Brightness

You can easily select the gain levels to benefit your viewing experience. You may want to consider getting higher gain level with a bigger screen for maintaining visuals’ brightness. Contrariwise, you can lower the gain to enhance black level of the visuals.

d. Smooth Image

Projector screen should be free of texture, that’s how it should be designed. Without the texture, the visuals would even pop more as the pixel’s geometry from the projector would not be disrupted. Not just that, a smooth screen enables you to project contents with 4k resolution or beyond.

If projected pixels hit any textured surface, the visuals can appear noisy or rigid.

What Is The Best Floor Rising Screen For A Projector?

My favorite floor rising screen for projector would be Elite Yard Master 2. Not only it’s easy to assemble but dissemble as well. You just need to lock the joints and parts then make it stand with ease.

The screen comes with 180-degree viewing angle so that anyone sitting just anywhere can enjoy watching videos. The resolution can be 4k or more, the screen would show sharp and vibrant contents.

Who Should Buy A Projector Screen?

Anyone can buy a projector screen. It doesn’t matter if you are a business professional looking for screen to show presentation to your boss or clients, or a teacher who wants a screen to show educational contents to your students, or a movie aficionado who just wants to enjoy watching a movie in a bigger screen, we have different projector screen that can satisfy different needs.

The setups that would be perfect for placing a projector screen are-

a. Home Theatre

Such projection screen is perfect for the one who wants a dedicated cinema room or a movie theater experience in the living room or backyard movie nights.

b. Large Venues

You can set the floor rising projector screen in bigger venues like conventional halls as well.

c. Classrooms

Bigger screen helps students learn educational contents more properly thanks to the bigger text and images. Schools can surely benefit from such screen.

d. Business Conference Rooms

You can present multimedia data that would convey the points properly through a large projector screen.

e. Houses Of Worship

Projector screen would be very useful for showing religious contents to help make the audience more righteous.

Do You Need A Special Screen For A 4K Projector?

In case you like to take full advantage of the sharp visuals and advanced technology with a 4k projector, then it would be great to get a 4k screen.

Such screens come with an absolute smooth surface against a matte texture that some screens have. They allow for clear images without any distortion.

Final Words

One of the notable aspects of floor rising model is that they are designed to be portable. They are engineered with wider viewing angle so you get to watch any video from any side. Not just that, such models come with simple design so you can assemble or disassemble with ease.

If you want to get the best floor rising projector screen, it’s important to go through some factors. These include screen resolution, screen format, viewing angle, size, durability, ease of use and setup.

Plus, make sure you get the one that’s compatible with your projector.

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