Best Epson Short Throw Projector 2022

Want some entertainment in a very tight space? Then get yourself a short throw project that too from the manufacturer Epson.

They have got some amazing models that have all the benefits of a traditional with an additional one. That is to project a bigger visual by placing the projector closer to the screen.

Starting from showing your presentation in classroom to projecting your favorite movies in a small room, such projector would be great.

If you think you actually need the best Epson short throw projector but the numerous options are confusing you. Then this article will help you.

Comparison Chart For Top 5 Epson Short Throw Projector

IMAGE PRODUCT Display Resolution Brightness (lumens) Weight (lbs.) price
Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 1920 x 1080 3600 21.1
Epson PowerLite L200SX 1024 x 768 3600 13.9
Epson Home Cinema LS100 1920 x 1200 4000 24.3
Epson PowerLite 680 1024 x 768 3500 12.6
Epson PowerLite 520 1024 x 768 2700 8.2

Best Epson Short Throw Projector Reviews

1. Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 is nothing but epic with all the pros it possesses. The short throw projector casts visuals as large as 120 inches at 15 inches right from the screen without getting pixelated.

Albeit LS300 won’t project in 4k, it has the quality to accept 4k-quality video and stream at 1080p with the same sharpness. This is what makes it the finest. However, if 4k resolution is essential for you, a great alternative would be Optomo CinemaX P2.

Getting back to this one, you’d get maximum brightness and color brightness of 3600 lumens with such size. As a result, the visuals would be very vibrant with glaring HDR.

Not just that, the projector enhances the black density thanks to the laser array technology. With this function, you’d get to enjoy all the darker contents without causing any fade.

The best part is that it doesn’t give you any rainbowing issue. Instead, the projector uses 3-chip technology so it displays true RGB color making the visuals more beautiful.

You’ll have a built-in Android TV with the projector. This would let you watch all of your favorite channels and explore apps like YouTube TV. Furthermore, you can use the voice search using its Google Assistant too.

With a Yamaha 2.1 setup, the built-in speaker system is surprisingly amazing. It provides a powerful performance once you connect it to Bluetooth.

You wouldn’t like the noise of cooling fan it may make. In such case, I’d suggest you clean the projector occasionally to prevent that.

Product Specialty

It displays a crystal clear visual at 1080p with the same quality as 4k. The projector offers a brilliant level of brightness while enhancing black density to create natural view.


  • Stunning visual quality with popping colors and black density.
  • Built-in Android TV and Google Assistant make it smart.
  • Outstanding speaker system by Yamaha.
  • Displays bigger visuals without getting pixelated.


  • Cooling fan may make noise.

2. Epson PowerLite L200SX

Make your classroom more fun with this great Epson PowerLite L200SX. With XGA resolution, it would deliver visual of up to 112 inches and there won’t be even any zooming pixels.

The short throw projector promises to be ultra-bright. It produces white and color brightness of 3600 lumens to give you vibrant visuals without losing the original color.

One incredible feature is its built-in 5GHz wireless. In case you have network issues, the projector’s wireless function gives you the freedom of building a WiFi hotspot for more convenience. It’d mirror any kind of visuals in full HD using the connection of Miracast technology and iProjection software. However, make sure to check which of the formats the software would support.

My favorite would be its multiple projection functions. You can connect the projector to 50 devices and simultaneously display or share contents among them.

PowerLite L200SX has a split-screen function that works to project two visuals at once from around 4 devices. You’ll also get a remote device to control the feature conveniently.

You don’t have to maintain the light source for 20,000 hours. Thus, there’s no need for lamps to replace.

The built-in 16W speaker is like a cherry on top. It’d fill the room with rich sound to give you better experience.

Product Specialty

It’s a multi-functional projector at its best. The projector would connect to 50 devices to let you project or share visuals. Plus, the split-screen function displays 2 visuals next to each other while being connected up to 4 devices.


  • Wireless projection with WiFi function.
  • Can be connected up to 50 devices to project or share visuals at once.
  • Split screen displays contents from difference sources.
  • Built-in speaker system offers rich and crisp sound.


  • iProjection software may not support all file formats.

3. Epson Home Cinema LS100

LS100 gives you the feeling of a big theatre right at your home. It casts life-size visuals up to 120 inches from the screen with 1920 by 1200 resolution so you can enjoy your favorite movies in full HD resolution.

Just like the EpiqVision, the projector uses 3-chip technology. It helps a lot in geting rid of rainbow effect, color wheels and white segments.

The big plus is its ultra-brightness level which is more than other 4 in the list. With 4000 nits of white and color brightness, you’d love the vibrancy and color accuracy. Such level makes it even perfect for bright and big rooms.

Not just that, the projector delivers rich and deep blacks thanks to the contrast ratio up to 2,500,000:1.

Albeit you may find it slightly big and heavy, it’d be great if you are planning to place it in a fixed spot to enjoy its projection.

There are 3 HDMI ports that you can use to connect all the devices in a single hub. With this, you’d be able to enjoy versatile connection for streaming devices, gaming consoles and satellite boxes.

Product Specialty

Since majority of the old classics are in 1920 by 1200 resolution, you’d love to use this projector to watch them. With ultra-brightness level of 4000 lumens, the projector would be amazing for a bright room or big auditorium.


  • Great for watching old classics with 16:10 ratio.
  • Visuals are crystal clear and vibrant with ultra-brightness.
  • 3 HDMI ports allow for multiple connections of devices.
  • Doesn’t become pixelated if enlarged.


  • Not portable due to heaviness.

4. Epson PowerLite 680

You’d surely need a PowerLike 680 if you want to get theater-like experience in a very small room. This short throw projector would give you visuals up to 92 inches at 11-inch from the wall.

Similar to EpiqVision and LS100, the projector uses 3-chip technology so you get excellent performance. It ensures true color and crisp picture.

As for the brightness, it keeps the natural vibrant view with 3500 lumens keeping the deep tones deeper.

The projector ensures long-life lamp. If you play it in ECO mode, it’d last up to 10,000 hours. Albeit slightly shorter than PowerLite L200SX, it still gives you the benefit of lower maintenance.

What I mostly love about the projector is that you can wirelessly share content from 4 devices. It’s not as much as PowerLite L200SX but you’d get the similar multifunctional feature in affordable range.

There are 3 HDMI ports so you can unite multiple devices in one. This would let you explore more use of the projector than projection.

A small downside is that it doesn’t include wall mount to attach it to your wall. You’d have to buy Epson ELPMB45 Wall Mount separately from the manufacturer. However, it’s good that you’d get it in reasonable cost.

Product Specialty

You’d get the benefits of high-end models at much affordable range with PowerLite 680. It promises to project bigger and sharper image of up to 92 inches while being wirelessly connected to 4 devices.


  • Ideal for projection in small room.
  • Doesn’t become pixelated if enlarged.
  • Connects wirelessly up to 4 devices for sharing contents.
  • 3 HDMI ports allow for multiple connections of devices.


  • Doesn’t include wall mount.

5. Epson PowerLite 520

Whatever I’ve reviewed so far has one small but common drawback, which is their weight. Want a light option so you can move with it? Then check PowerLite 520. Coming in only 8 pounds, you can take the sort throw projector in different spots.

Thanks to the 3-chip technology, the projector ensures great performance by giving you true color and sharp visuals.

Its color and white brightness might be a weak link. The projector boasts 2700 lumens of color and white brightness which is pretty lower than other counterparts in the list. Albeit you may not want it for rooms with lots of light, it’d be a great pick for darker space.

The projector comes in 1024 x 768 resolution and still gives you excellent quality. It projects a 108-inch picture from 48-inch away without getting blurry. It promises that both the shadows and glare would be as minimal as possible.

Similar to PowerLite 680, this projector offers low maintenance with Eco Mode. You can use the model up to 10,000 hours without replacing the lamps.

Not just that, you’d be able to use it wirelessly from 50 devices altogether. You’d just need to install a free app iProjection for the job.

The projector also features a built-in 16W speaker. It makes sure you get a premium experience of watching visuals with its rich sound.

Product Specialty

Being a lightweight option, you can move the projector from one spot to another with ease.


  • Very lightweight making it easily portable.
  • Doesn’t become blurry if enlarged.
  • Great for projection in dark room.
  • Connects wirelessly up to 50 devices through iProjection app.


  • Not ideal for room with lots of lights.

What To Look For Before Buying?

Screen Size

Usually the reason why people would like to have projector is that it provides a massive projection screen size that makes it a reasonable choice over a monitor or TV. The short throw projectors have big screens too.

The projection size can range from 80 inches to more than 150 inches.

Apart from the range, you can adjust the size based on your liking. This may vary between 90 and 150 inches or 80 and 120 inches depending on the short throw projector model.

I’d suggest you get one that gives you the most significant dimensions of display within your budget.

Throw Distance

It’s essential that you check the throw distance ranking of your short throw projector. This will tell you what should be the required distance between the projection display and projector itself to get the given projection size.

For the short throw projector, you may want to have the ranking lower to lowest. You can easily preserve the ultra-brief throw distance next to the screen at such descending throw distance.

There are many models that come with throw distance rankings from 7 inches, 9 inches, 11 inches to more than 15 inches. Among them, the lowest ranking of 7 inches is certainly the ideal one.

Throw Ratio

The throw ratio of a projector refers to the distance range you’d need for visual projection on the screen.

So the formula would be Throw Ratio= Distance/Image width.

For the ultra-short throw display, you’d need a projector that has a throw ratio from 0.37:1 or lesser. Let’s say, if you place the projector 15 inch away from the screen, you can get a 100-inch picture with it. 

Any ratio higher than the range would undermine the advantage of having a short or ultra-short throw projector.

Screen Resolutions

Doesn’t matter if you use the projector for watching movies or displaying presentation, it’s been one of the favorites of people due to its incredible visual display.

Typically, short or ultra-short throw projectors are available in different resolutions. For your convenience, I’ve added a table so you understand the terms and benefits for different resolutions better.

NameAspect RatioResolutions (in pixels)Best for
XGA (Extended Graphics Array)4:31024 x 768Presentations and slide decks
WXGA (Wide Extended Graphics Array)16:101280 x 800Presentations and slide decks
FHD (Full High Definition) or 1080p16:91920 x 1080Streaming contents, satellite feeds, presentations and slide decks.
WUXGA (widescreen ultra-extended graphics array)16:101920 x 1200Streaming old contents, satellite feeds.
4K UHD (4k Ultra High Definition)1.9:13840 x 2160Streaming contents, satellite feeds.


Brightness output tells you about the projection bulb power used through the projector. You get rough idea of how bright the visual can get without getting whitish. It is usually measured in lumens.

For instance, you may find projectors coming with brightness output from 2000 to 4000 lumens. The more it is, the better image you’d get with vibrant colors in a much brighter room.

Light Source

Projectors commonly use bulb, lamp or Laser light as the source of light. While the traditional models use a mercury vapor or metal or halide lamp, the premium ones are switching to Laser or LED light sources. The advantage of the latter one is that you’d get more color depth with additional brightness.

Many projectors even feature ECO mode that makes them last longer up to 20,000 hours while the traditional one offers 5,000 hours of use.

However, the issue with laser or LED light is that you can’t replace the light if it burns out. And if you opt for lamp based, then replacing it would be pretty costly. You may even find the replacement of a few bulbs a lot cheaper than replacing a projector. But in such case, you may have to sacrifice the quality.

Hence, many people prefer moving on to buying another projector to getting a new lamp or bulb.


Typically, projectors come with ports that let you connect a cable box, video game console, Blu-ray player or a streaming box to it. There are many models that have more than one HDMI ports so you can unite different devices in a single hub. For instance, Epson Home Cinema LS100 has got 3 port.

Apart from cable connection, some projectors offer wireless connection. It lets you connect to the internet through WiFi or Ethernet so you can download streaming apps straight to your projector. Models like PowerLite L200SX has that advantage.


One of the premium factors of short throw projectors is that majority of them feature a built-in soundbar. Having such function would be great for you if you don’t want to use an external sound component.

Models like EpiqVision Ultra LS300 has such speaker system by Yamaha that lets you connect to Bluetooth for filling the room with rich audio.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Do I Convert Normal Projector To Short Throw?

First, you’ll need a wide angle camera lens like 52mm Altura QZ0016, a short square aluminum pipe measuring 15x15x300mm, rings, autostop nuts, M6 metric screws, handle and 3D printed stand.

Since there are several variations of projectors, it’s very hard to suggest a common support that would match all of them. However, you may try a basic technique that is using a wood board as support beneath your projector (You may easily create an equivalent with wood or other components).

This would let you hang the device while the support would help fix on it a counter-pipe which will receive the aluminum pipe.

Note that the pipe has to be inline with the objective of your projector.

Now, you’ll use 3 different parts to get a complete adjustable installation.

  • Base support helps make the connection between the support and aluminum pipe. This would enable you to move the lens away and adjust vertical position of the lens.
  • Lens support works to clamp the lens so it can adjust its inclination.
  • Spacer helps in the adjustment of the height of lens on a vertical axis.

For allowing quicker adjustment, you can use plastic handles. To fit the system, you can adjust with a couple of washers, saw the screws and adjust the support size.

Once you mount the system, place the lens in the center of your projector’s light by using different adjustments. Project a visual that would use your projector’s illuminated surface.

Check from the side and display all the rectangular images by adjusting the lens.

It’s better to have a small gap so you can use the center of the lens more. Now you can enjoy the projection of short throw projector.

2. Are Short Throw Projectors Any Good?

Of course. Short throw projectors come with several upsides. Some common ones are-

  • Projecting bigger images in tighter space.
  • No option to irritate the viewers if someone gets up in the middle since you’ll install it way closer to the screen.
  • Efficient brightness of imagery.
  • Comes with similar or more specifications if compared to traditional ones.
  • Heavily reduced glare and shadows.

3. How Far Can A Short Throw Projector Work?

Short or ultra-short throw projectors can create bigger images 15 to 96 inches from the screen. If it goes beyond the range, you’d get a blurry image that makes it unusable.

Final Words

A short throw projector can help you greatly in projecting any content bigger in size while being placed close to the wall. There wouldn’t be anything that’ll come in the way making you watch the visuals peacefully.

As for the manufacturers, Epson is one that ensures both performance and durability. That’s why I’ve picked 5 options for you.

My favorite among them would be EpiqVision Ultra LS300. It can project image as big as 120-inch from 15 inch away from the screen. Not just that, the projector offers sharp and vibrant visuals similar to 4k resolutions despite coming in 1080p that makes it the best Epson short throw projector.

However, that doesn’t mean other 4 lose the race. They equally give you lots of benefits to enjoy using them.

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